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The Professional Learning Platform

Announcing KDS' new Professional Learning Platform.

The seamlessly integrated online tool providing curated content, social collaboration tools for teachers and continuous professional learning.

Connect. Empower. Transform.

The Professional Learning Platform

is a cloud-based, enterprise-level professional development solution.

It has been developed to meet the needs of large, complex school districts that want to build and implement integrated, technology-based professional learning solutions.

PLP supports both the acquisition and the application of knowledge--both "formal" learning and the "informal" self-directed and continuous development that is needed for effective practice.

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PLP is built around the three ideas of Connect, Empower, and Transform.



PLP is designed and developed to enable collaboration among peers, coaches, experts and groups for a collegial learning experience based on needs.

  • PLP provides the latest online professional learning and collaboration tools, including virtual communities, groups, personalized learning experiences, discussion forums, synchronous collaboration tools, and support for effective coaching that make teacher learning engaging, convenient, and social.
  • PLP is connected to teachers' collaborative work in school-based professional learning communities and learning teams.
  • PLP is supported by coaching, modeling, observation, and feedback. There must be support for a teacher during the implementation stage that addresses the specific challenges of changing classroom practice.
  • Most importantly, PLP is designed to engage teachers in active, collegial learning and encourage them to try out their ideas in the classroom.


Empower Teachers

Personalized professional learning has to begin with the educator.

  • PLP gives teachers control over time and the place, path, and pace of their learning at the same time as it balances teacher-defined learning and practice-improvement goals with goals defined by an evaluator as well as school and district goals. Evaluation and accountability aren't going away. Systems that support those activities will find a home in districts
  • Up until now, professional development has been focused on teacher accountability. Our goal is to put the focus on where it actually belongs-on the learning and growth of our teachers
  • This issue clearly differentiates the PLP. Existing programs are too often triage. They offer individual pieces of content targeted at a list of perceived problems. PLP is a comprehensive approach that facilitates continuous learning and support


PLP transforms classroom practice through rich content that enables effective professional learning.

  • PLP features a rich, curated library of K-12 PD resources including content, compliance courses, and the capacity for easy district-specific uploads.
  • PLP leverages both expert and teacher knowledge, supporting intentional and informal collaborative learning, and classroom implementation of ideas.
  • PLP provides the perfect interface for educators to solicit and share content and ideas. Teachers can start or join a group, exchange user-generated files and outside resources-even videos of a teacher's own classroom experiences.
  • At PLP's core is a growing library of 600+ targeted videos, district approved partner content, 225+ compliance courses, web resources, educator-generated content, and course development tools.

Increase Student Achievement

Exciting features and functionality of PLP include:

personalized learning Personalized Professional Learning Hub to serve as the access point to a PD portfolio, including on-demand content, courses, groups, and collaboration tools  

curated videos
Curated Videos of effective teaching practices, tutorials, websites, artifacts, and case studies aligned to searchable professional learning frameworks   

professional learning communities
Online professional learning communities to connect, share, communicate, and collaborate to improve practice using synchronous tools  

web-based meetings
Web-based meetings through HD video conferencing, screen sharing, and instant messaging to engage in lively group or content-related discussions  

compliance courses
Over 225 compliance courses   

coaching tools
Coaching tools to support, schedule, and track effective online and onsite coaching  

Key performance indicators with drill-down capabilities to demonstrate compliance, history towards completion, content usage, and overall PD performance  

mobile enabled
Mobile and tablet enabled   

About Knowledge Delivery Systems

KDS has been operating as a private business under its current name since September, 2001. Since 2004, KDS has developed over 3,500 hours of online professional learning content and enrolled more than 50,000 teachers, administrators, and instructional leaders in rigorous, research-based courses that meet the needs of educators working in urban school districts serving diverse student populations. In March 2014, KDS secured its first institutional investment, a $6 million financing round from Edison Ventures, a leading growth equity investment firm, as part of a $9.8 million financing round.


Our Partners

KDS online courses are developed and taught by leading education experts whose research and methodologies make significatn impact on teacher effectiveness and student performance. KDS partners with the nation's leading education researchers and thought-leaders to devleop our online courses and content, including some of the following:

Solution Tree  Marzano_Research  USC Rossier Amplify  


Our Clients

KDS has been serving educators for more than ten years with award-winning e-learning solutions, engaging with university accredited online courses and the implementation of blended models of professional development. KDS has worked with some of the largest districts in the country including:

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