NMCCPD - Online Courses (Session II)

The New Mexico Public Education Department has extended its professional development program to support implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Beginning May 7, educators can take one of three online courses designed to facilitate their transition to the CCSS for FREE. Seats are limited, so courses will be offered on a 'first-come, first-served' basis. (Those of you already registered in the courses that end on June 18th can get your resources here).

What you need to know:

checkmark2Courses begin on Tuesday, May 7th and end on Wednesday, August 7th 

checkmark2You can register for only one course

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Common Core State Standards in Literacy,
Grades 3-8

Presented by Douglas Fisher & Nancy Frey

In this course, Frey and Fischer explain the CCSS in literacy and move on to demonstrate, in-depth, what those standards look like in action and how they are materialized in the classroom. They show you how you can give your students the experiences they need to develop understanding of complex literature and informational texts. You will see how you can get your students to "read like a detective and write like a reporter".

This course prepares you to:

  • Identify the major goals of the CCSS in ELA
  • Develop lesson plans based on close reading and text-based discussions
  • Check for understanding using oral language, questions, writing, projects, and performances

Common Core State Standards in Math,
Grades 3-8

Presented by Tim Kanold & Diane Briars

This course includes strategies for teaching for understanding, tools for planning lessons and evaluating assessments, and classroom-ready tasks that will allow teachers to put theory into practice. You'll hear commentary from teachers and administrators piloting the CCSS in the Albuquerque Public Schools, and visit classrooms to see results. 

This course prepares you to:

  • Integrate the 8 Mathematical Practices into daily instruction
  • Adapt lessons for struggling or advanced students
  • Work with colleagues to develop lesson plans and common assessments

Teaching Reading & Comprehension to English Learners, K-5
Presented by Margarita Calderón

In this course, Dr. Margarita Calderón outlines techniques for elementary teachers seeking to improve the reading and comprehension skills of English Language Learners in their classrooms. With straightforwardness, patience, and humor, Dr. Calderón leads workshop participants through the steps needed to select vocabulary for reading, pre-teach this vocabulary, and model comprehension strategies like think-alouds and partner reading. Writing and editing strategies complete the picture, providing techniques that will benefit all students.

This course prepares you to:

  • Use a seven-step process to pre-teach vocabulary
  • Use strategies to teach writing and editing
  • Use strategies to teach reading comprehension, including think-alouds and partner reading



For more information about the NMCCPD Program, please contact Karina Vanderbilt, Policy Analyst, PED at 505-827-7889 or email karina.vanderbilt@state.nm.us

For information on the online courses, please contact the KDS support team at 1-800-728-0032 or email NMPD@kdsi.org 

Truly an eye-opener. I learned more from these courses than I ever did sitting through my Masters program

- Pamela C., Teacher, Grades 6-8