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About the Courses

There are four courses in the Digital Citizenship online suite: an overview and guide to reporting tools for administrators, and grade-specific Digital Citizenship courses for elementary, middle and high school educators, complete with lesson plans and resources.

The four courses in the online suite are:

  • Digital Citizenship for School Administrators 
  • Digital Citizenship for Elementary School Educators
  • Digital Citizenship for Middle School Educators 
  • Digital Citizenship for High School Educators 

The 3 courses for teachers:

    • Offer professional development so that they understand the importance of teaching digital literacy and citizenship in their classrooms
    • Provide a comprehensive research-based, standards-aligned digital citizenship curriculum that teachers can use to educate students
    • Showcase lessons in action for teachers to see grade-specific examples of digital literacy and best practices from around the country 

Compliance Reporting

The KDS reporting tool provides the CIPA compliance documentation you will need to demonstrate that teachers have provided lessons aligned with CIPA mandated topics at each grade level. You get admin level access that allows you to:

      • Run reports to get data per school or teacher 
      • See the % progress and/or % completion of each school or teacher
      • Identify individuals who have completed vs those who haven't
      • Easily export reports to Excel

Implementation Plans

You decide how you want to implement this program for your school district:

Yearly Plan:

Ensure all students receive age-appropriate CIPA aligned lessons every year to keep pace with their growing needs.

      • Elementary School - One 45 minute lesson per grade/year
      • Middle School - Two 45 minute lessons per grade/year
      • High School - One 45 minute lesson per grade/year

Benchmark Years Plan:

Provide lessons to students only during benchmark years - Grades 2, 5, 6, and 9.

      • Elementary School - Three 45 minute lessons per year in 2nd and 5th grade
      • Middle School - Six 45 minute lessons per year in 6th grade
      • High School - Four 45 minute lessons per year in 9th grade



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