Common Sense on E-rate & CIPA


Online Course Suite for School Districts 


Complying with CIPA's educational requirements for E-rate funding has never been easier. Knowledge Delivery Systems has partnered with Common Sense Education, the nation's leading independent nonprofit dedicated to helping educators empower young people to behave safely and responsibly online, to create a suite of high-quality Digital Citizenship online courses that help districts and schools meet the key requirements of CIPA. 

checkpng  Deliver a comprehensive digital citizenship curriculum to teachers

checkpng  Easily track compliance through automated reporting

checkpng  Verify course delivery and completion by teachers

checkpng  Confirm that teachers have provided education to students 

How Does it Work?

The Online Course Suite offers four courses (one for administrators and three for teachers per teaching level). Schools and districts can choose from two implementation plans for how they will deliver lessons to students. Once you choose an implementation option, each educator will receive his or her own individual, secure login to KDS' award-winning eClassroom in which to take the Digital Citizenship course(s). Administrators will be able to see teachers' progress as they move through the courses, as well as the verification that teachers delivered lessons to their students. Administrators have the ability to pull automated reports that show teacher completions, eliminating paper-based tracking of CIPA compliance documentation. 

About the Courses

There are 4 courses in the Digital Citizenship online suite (based on Common Sense Education's easy-to-use Toolkit on E-rate and CIPA) that are easy to deploy across entire districts and schools, to ensure all educators are teaching students how to be safe throughout their school years.

Compliance Reporting

We make it simple to verify that every teacher has been trained. With KDS' robust tracking and reporting tool it's easy to monitor teachers' progress as they complete the courses district-wide, allowing for quick CIPA compliance documentation.

Implementation Plans

Schools and districts can choose from two plans - one that allows for a yearly implementation and another that provides courses during the 'benchmark' years (grades 2, 5, 6 and 9).